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General Media Appearances:

Antarctic Ice Loss Ramps Up, Speeding Sea Level Rise, by University of Leeds, NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory and UA College of Science
UA News, 06/13/2018

Greenland's huge annual ice loss is even worse than thought, by Damian Carrington
The Guardian, 09/21/2016

A controversial NASA study says Antarctica is gaining ice. Here's why you should be skeptical, by Chris Mooney
Washington Post, 11/05/2015

'Stable' region of Antarctica is melting; Radar data from Cryosat-2 probe show sudden ice loss on southern Antarctic Peninsula, by Jeff Tollefson
Nature, 05/21/2015


Pope Francis' Historic Visit to the US
CommonDreams, 11/23/2015

Antarctica is gaining ice, so why is the Earth still warming?
LiveScience, 11/19/2015

Conflicting research on Antarctic melting, by Editorial Board
PilotOnline, 11/06/2015

NASA Study of Antarctic Ice Melt Misunderstood, by Greg Laden
ScienceBlogs, 11/03/2015

Antarctic ice - growing or shrinking? NASA vs. Princeton and Leeds etc., by Sou
Hot Whopper, 11/02/2015

On "Ice mass loss in Greenland, the Gulf of Alaska, and the Canadian Archipelago: Seasonal cycles and decadal trends":

Satellites detect both steady and accelerated ice loss, by Christina Langone, Glacier Hub, 05/24/2016 (web)

Scientists use gravity to measure Arctic glacier loss, by Lisa Gregoire, Nunatsiaq Online, 04/05/2016 (web)

The vast, shrinking northern glaciers that we never even talk about, by Chris Mooney, Washington Post, 03/17/2016 (web)
Also reported in,
Guelph Mercury, 03/17/2016 (web)
News Miner, 03/17/2016 (web)
Hamilton Spectator, 03/17/2016 (web)

On "Accelerated West Antarctic ice mass loss
continues to outpace East Antarctic gains"

Ice loss in west Antarctica is speeding up, by John Abraham, The Guardian, 05/11/2015 (web)

Melting Antarctic: Failure to act now on emissions could rause oceans by metres, by Graham Readfearn, The Guardian, 05/05/2015 (web)

Sea level: Past and present melting rates point to 3m by end of century, by Jayalakshmi K, International Business Times 05/05/2015 (web)

Scientists horrified by speed of glaciers melting, by Russell Jackson, The Scotsman 05/04/2015 (web)

Gravity data shows Antarctic ice sheet is melting much faster, Delhi Daily News 05/02/2015 (web)

Antarctica is melting ever faster, by Jenna Iacurci, Nature World News 05/01/2015 (web)

Satellite data helps pinpoint Antarctic ice loss, by Bob Berwyn, Summit County Voice 05/04/2015 (web)

Gravity data show that Antarctic ice sheet is melting increasingly faster,
by Morgan Kelly, News@Princeton, 04/30/2015 (web)
Also reported in,, 04/30/2015 (web)
Science 2.0, 05/01/2015 (web)
e Science News, 05/01/2015 (web)
Daily News and Analysis, 05/01/2015 (web), 05/01/2015 (web)
R & D Magazine, 05/01/2015 (web)
Sierra Leone Times, 05/01/2015 (web)
Web India, 05/01/2015 (web)
Deccan Herald, 05/01/2015 (web)
Reporting Climate, 05/03/2015 (web), 05/04/2015 (web, in Spanish)

Climat: la Terre perd son congelateur, by Sylvestre Huet, Liberation 04/02/2015 (web)

On "Mapping Greenland's mass loss in space and time":

Climate Change 2013: The Physical Science Basis, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Fifth Assessment Report (AR5-WG1), 2013

New science upsets calculations on sea level rise, climate change, by Lewis Page, The Register, 11/28/2012 (web)

El hielo de Groenlandia no se derrite tan rapidamente como se habia estimado,, 11/28/2012 (web, in Spanish)

Embracing data `noise' bring Greenland's complex ice melt into focus, by M. Kelly, News@Princeton, 11/27/2012 (web)

Anderungen in der Schwerkraft verraten Eisschmelze,, 11/24/2012 (web, in German)

Le Groenland fond avec gravite, by Sylvestre Huet, Liberation, 11/22/2012 (web, in French)

De rafelranden van de ijskap, by Elmar Veerman,, 11/21/2012 (web, in Dutch)

Eisschild schrumpft jahrlich um 200 Mrd. Tonnen,, 11/20/2012 (web, in German)

Schwerkraft-Messung zeigt massive Eisschmelze, Die Welt, 11/20/2012 (web, in German)

Greenland ice loss is accelerating, by Sunanda Creagh,, 11/20/2012 (web)

Greenland ice is melting at ever faster rates, by Laura Sinpetru,, 11/20/2012 (web)

Geoscientists report Greenland ice sheet melting rate is increasing, by Bob Yirka,, 11/20/2012 (web)

Greenland ice melt accelerating, by Larry O'Hanlon,, 11/20/2012 (web)

Coste della Groenlandia sempre piu povere di ghiacci, Sciolti 200 miliardi di tonnellate in 10 anni, Meteoleontinoi, 11/20/2012 (web, in Italian)

Degelo na Gronelandia mapeado, CienciaHoje, 11/20/2012 (web, in Portuguese)

Groenlandia ha perdido 200.000 millones de toneladas de hielo en la ultima decada,, 11/20/2012 (web, in Spanish)

Wechselnde Schwerkraft zeigt Schmelzen des Gronlandeises,, 11/19/2012 (web, in German)

Eispanzer Gronlands schmilzt ungleichmassig ab,
Reported in,, 11/19/2012 (web, in German), 11/19/2012 (web, in German)

Greenland ice melt is accelerating, by Douglas Main,
Reported in,, 11/19/2012 (web), 11/19/2012 (web)

Greenland is losing 200 billion tons of ice every year, by Randy Astaiza,, 11/19/2012 (web)

Greenland loses 200 billion tons ice per year, by Larry O'Hanlon,
Reported in,, 12/03/2012 (web), 11/19/2012 (web), 11/19/2012 (web)